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Ballantine Books
[1]The MAD reader Ballantine 93 1°ed. nov.54 c.35 ; 2°: dic.54; 3°: gen.55; 4°: mar.55; 5°: ago.55; 6°: dic.55; 7°: ott.56; 8°: nov.56; 9°: apr.58; 10°: mag.58; 11°: giu.58 (Canada); 12°: dic.58; 13°: mag.59; 14°: giu.59 (Canada); 15°: ott.59; 16°: mag.60, 17°: giu.60 (Canada); 18°: gen.61; 19°: gen.62; 20°: ott.63; 21°: ott.64; 22°: ago.67; 23°: mar.69
[2]MAD Strikes Back Ballantine 106 1°ed. 1955
[3]Inside MAD Ballantine 1°ed. gen.58
[4]Utterly MAD Ballantine 21566 1°ed. nov.56; 2°:dic.56; 3°:set.57; 4°:ott.58; ...; 11°: dic.62; revised edition: 1° ed. dic.63; ...; 6° ed: giu.73
[5]The Brothers MAD
Signet Books - ed.: The New American Library (New York e Toronto), The New English Library Ltd (Londra) [distr. Italia: Inter-Orbis]
[6]The Bedside MAD Signet S1647, P3520, D2316 1°ed. apr.59
[7]Son of MAD Signet S1701, P3713, D2439 1°ed. ott.59
[8]The Organization MAD Signet S1795, P3728, D2286
[9]Like, MAD Signet S1838, P3491, D2347 1°ed. set.60; 2°: set.60 (Canada); 3°: nov60
[10]The Ides of MAD Signet S1914, P3492, D2384 1°ed. mar.61
[11]Fighting MAD Signet P3714, D2385 1°ed. ago.61
[12]The MAD Frontier Signet P3727, D2499
[13]MAD in Orbit Signet P3494, D2617
[14]The Voodoo MAD Signet P3521, D2286
[15]Greasy MAD Stuff Signet P3522, D2343
[16]Three Ring MAD Signet P3493, D2276
[17]Self-Made MAD Signet P3716, D2561
[18]The MAD Sampler Signet P3495, D2626
[19]It's a World, World, World, World MAD Signet P3720, D2764
[20]Raving MAD Signet P3490, D2864
[21]Boiling MAD Signet P3523, D3006 1°ed. ott.66
[22]The questionable MAD Signet P3719 1°ed. apr.67
[23]Howling MAD Signet P3613
[24]The indigestible MAD Signet P3477
[25]Burning MAD Signet P3610, D3006 1°ed. ott.66
1°ed. apr.67
[26]Good 'n' MAD
[27]DON MARTIN Steps Out Signet D2107
[28]DON MARTIN Bounces Back Signet D2287
[29]DON MARTIN Drops 13 Stories Signet D2701
[30]DON MARTIN Cooks Up More Tales
[31]MAD's Captain Klutz
[32]DAVE BERG Looks At The USA Signet D2409
[33]DAVE BERG Looks At People Signet D2801
[34]DAVE BERG Looks At Things
[35]DAVE BERG Looks At Modern Thinking
[36]The All-New SPY vs SPY Signet P3480
[37]SPY vs SPY Follow-Up File
[38]A MAD Look at Old Movies Signet P4200 1°ed. mar.70
[39]AL JAFFEE's Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions Signet P3555
[40]"Viva MAD"! Signet P3516
[41]MAD for Better or Verse
Bantam Books
[42]The MAD World of Willian M. Gaines
- by Frank Jacobs
Bantam Y7841 1°ed. dic.73
Warner Books
[43]Hopping MAD Warner 1°ed. lug.76
[44]The Uncensored MAD Warner #55 1°ed. ott.80