CORTOMETRAGGI e LUNGOMETRAGGI DISNEY con Topolino, Paperino & C., 1928-1990
Film con: Topolino (MM), Paperino (DD), Pluto (PL), Minni (MN), Pippo (PP), Zio Paperone (ZP)
titolo originaletitolo italianopersonaggi e note
Steamboat WillieWillie del vaporeMM, MN; prima: 18 novembre
Gallopin' Gaucho MM, MN
Plane CrazyAeroplano pazzoMM, MN
The Barn Dance MM, MN
The Opry House MM
When the Cat's Away MM, MN
The Barnyard Battle MM
The Plow Boy MM, MN
The Karnival Kid MM, MN
Mickey's Follies MM, MN
Mickey's Choo-Choo MM, MN
The Jazz Fool MM
Jungle Rhythm MM
The Haunted House MM
Wild Waves MM, MN
Just Mickey MM; registrato come "Fiddlin' Around"
The Barnyard Concert MM
The Cactus Kid MM, MN
The Fire Fighters MM, MN
The Shindig MM, MN
The Chain Gang MM, PL (prima apparizione, ancora senza nome)
The Gorilla Mystery MM, MN
The Picnic MM, MN, PL (chiamato Rover)
Pioneer Days MM, MN
The Birthday Party MM, MN
Traffic Troubles MM, MN
The Castaway MM
The Moose Hunt MM, PL (chiamato Pluto per la prima volta)
The Delivery Boy MM, MN
Mickey Steps Out MM, MN, PL
Blue Rhythm MM, MN
Fishin' Around MM, PL
The Barnyard Broadcast MM, MN
The Beach Party MM, MN, PL
Mickey Cuts Up MM, MN, PL
Mickey's Orphans MM, MN, PL
The Duck Hunt MM, PL
The Grocery Boy MM, MN, PL
The Mad Dog MM, PL
Barnyard Olympics MM, MN, PL
Mickey's Revue MM, MN, PL, PP (prima apparizione)
Just Dogs PL
Musical Farmer MM, MN
Mickey in Arabia MM, MN
Mickey's Nightmare MM, MN, PL
Trader Mickey MM, PL
The Whoopee Party MM, MN, PP
Touchdown Mickey MM, MN, PP
The Wayward Canary MM, MN, PL
The Klondike Kid MM, MN, PL, PP
Mickey's Good Deed MM, PL
Building a Building MM, MN
The Mad Doctor MM, PL
Mickey's Pal Pluto MM, MN, PL; rifatto come "Lend a Paw", 1941
Mickey's Mellerdrammer MM, MN, PP
Ye Olden Days MM, MN, PP
The Mail Pilot MM, MN
Mickey's Mechanical Man MM, MN
Mickey's Gala Première MM, MN
Puppy Love MM, MN, PL
The Steeple Chase MM, MN
The Pet Store MM, MN
Giantland MM
Shanghaied MM, MN
Camping Out MM, MN
Playful Pluto MM, PL
Gulliver Mickey MM
Mickey's Steam Roller MM, MN
The Wise Little Hen DD*; prima: 9 giugno
Orphan's Benefit MM, DD, PP (per la prima volta chiamato Goofy)
Mickey Plays Papa MM, PL
The Dognapper MM, DD
Two-Gun Mickey MM, MN
Mickey's Man Friday MM
The Band Concert MM, DD, PP; primo corto di Mickey a colori
Mickey's Service Station MM, DD, PP
Mickey's Kangaroo MM, PL
Mickey's Garden MM, PL
Mickey's Fire Brigade MM, DD, PP
Pluto's Judgement Day MM, PL
On Ice MM, MN, PL, DD, PP
Mickey's Polo Team MM, DD, PP
Orphan's Picnic MM, DD
Mickey's Grand Opera MM, PL, DD
Thru the Mirror MM
Mickey's Rival MM, MN
Moving Day MM, DD, PP
Alpine Climbers MM, PL, DD
Mickey's Circus MM, DD
Mickey's Elephant MM, PL
Donald and Pluto DD, PL
Mother Pluto PL
Don Donald DD
The Worm Turns MM, PL
Magician Mickey MM, DD, PP
Moose Hunters MM, DD, PP
Mickey's Amateurs MM, DD, PP
Modern Inventions DD
Hawaiian Holiday MM, MN, PL, DD, PP
Pluto's Quin-Puplets PL (primo "Pluto" seriale)
Clock Cleaners MM, DD, PP
Donald's Ostrich DD
Lonesome Ghosts MM, DD, PP
Self Control DD
Boat Builders MM, MN, DD, PP
Donald's Better Self DD
Donald's Nephews DD
Mickey's Trailer MM, DD, PP
Polar Trappers DD, PP
Good Scouts DD
The Whalers MM, DD, PP
Donald's Golf Game DD
Mickey's Parrot MM, PL
Brave Little Tailor MM, MN
The Fox Hunt MM (cameo), MN (cameo), PP
Donald's Lucky Day DD
Hockey Champ DD
Donald's Cousin Gus DD
Beach Picnic DD, PL
Sea Scouts DD
Donald's Penguin DD
The Autograph Hound DD
Officer Duck DD
Society Dog Show MM, PL
The Pointer MM, PL
Mickey's Surprise Party MM, MN, PL; commerciale
The Standard Parade MM, DD, PP; commerciale
Goofy and Wilbur PL (primo "Pippo" seriale)
The Riveter DD
Donald's Dog Laundry DD, PL
Tugboat Mickey MM, DD, PP
Billposters DD, PP
Pluto's Dream House MM
Mr. Mouse Takes a Trip MM, PL
Mr. Duck Steps Out DD
Bone Trouble PL
Put-Put Troubles DD, PL
Pluto's Dream House PL
Donald's Vacations DD
Window Cleaners DD, PL
Fire Chief DD
The Volunteer Worker DD; commerciale
Pantry Pirate PL
Goofy's Glider PP
Pluto's Playmate PL
Timber DD
Golden Eggs DD
A Good Time for a Dime DD
The Little Whirlwind MM, MN
The Nifty Nineties MM, MN, DD, PP
Early to Bed DD
Truant Officer Donald DD
Old MacDonald Duck DD
Orphan's Benefit MM, DD, PP; rifacimento a colori della pellicola del 1934
Donald's Camera DD
Chef Donald DD
A Gentleman's Gentleman MM, PL
Canine Caddy MM, PL
Lend a Paw MM, PL; rifacimento di "Mickey's Pal Pluto", 1933
The Reluctant DragonIl drago riluttanteDD (sezione "Old MacDonald Duck"), PP (sezione "How to Ride a Horse")
Baggage Buster PP
The Art of Skiing PP
The Art of Self Defense PP
Pluto, Junior PL
The Army Mascot PL
The Sleepwalker PL
T-Bone for Two PL
Pluto at the Zoo PL
Out of the Frying Pan Into the Firing Line MN
Mickey's Birthday Party MM, MN, DD, PP
The Village Smithy DD
Symphony Hour MM, DD, PP
Donald's Snow Fight DD
Donald Gets Drafted DD
Donald's Garden DD
Donald's Gold Mine DD
The Vanishing Private DD
Sky Trooper DD
Bellboy Donald DD
The New Spirit DD
Donald's Decision DD
All Together MM, DD
How to Play Baseball MM, DD, PP
The Olympic Champ PP
How to Swim PP
How to Fish PP
Der Fuehrer's Face DD
Donald's Tire Trouble DD
Flying Jalopy DD
Fall Out-Fall In DD
The Old Army Game DD
Home Defense DD
The Spirit of '43 DD
Pluto and the Armadillo MM, PL
Private Pluto PL
Victory Vehicles PP
Springtime for Pluto PL
Trombone Trouble DD
Donald Duck and the Gorilla DD
Contrary Condor DD
Commando Duck DD
The Plastics Inventor DD
Donald's Off Day DD
First Aiders MN, PL
How to be a Sailor PP
How to Play Golf PP
How to Play Football/td> PP
Tiger Trouble PP
African Diary PP
Californyer Bust PP
Dog Watch PL
The Clock Watcher DD
The Eyes Have It DD, PL
Donald's Crime DD
Duck Pimples DD
No Sale DD, PP
Hockey Homicide PP
Cured Duck DD
Old Sequoia DD
Canine Casanova PL
The Legend of Coyote Rock PL
Canine Patrol PL
A Knight for a Day PP
Pluto's Kid Brother PL
In Dutch PL
Bath Day MN
Donald's Double Trouble DD
Wet Paint DD
Dumb Bell of the Yukon DD
Lighthouse Keeping DD
Frank Duck Brings 'em Back Alive DD, PP
Squatter's Rights MM, PL
The Purloined Pup PL
A Feather in His Collar PL; commerciale
Double Dribble PP
Crazy with the Heat PP
Pluto's Housewarming PL
Rescue Dog PL
Straight Shooters DD
Sleepy Time Donald DD
Clown of the Jungle DD
Donald's Dilemma DD
Crazy with the Heat DD
Bootle Beetle DD
Wide Open Spaces DD
Chip 'n' Dale DD, Cip e Ciop
Figaro and Frankie MN
Mickey's Delayed Date MM, MN, PL
Fun and Fancy Free MM, DD, PP
Mail Dog PL
Pluto's Blue Note PL
Foul Hunting PP
They're Off PP
The Big Wash PP
Drip Dippy Donald DD
Daddy Duck DD
Donald's Dream Voice DD
The Trial of Donald Duck DD
Inferior Decorator DD
Soup's On DD
Three for Breakfast DD
Tea for Two Hundred DD
Mickey Down Under MM, PL
Mickey and the Seal MM, PL
Bone Bandit PL
Cat Nap Pluto PL
Pluto's Fledgling PL
Pluto's Purchase MM, PL
Pluto's Sweater MN, PL
Donald's Happy Birthday DD
Sea Salts DD
Winter Storage DD
Honey Harvester DD
All in a Nutshell DD
The Greener Yard DD
Slide, Donald, slide DD
Toy Tinkers DD
Pueblo Pluto MM, PL
Pluto's Surprise Package PL
Bubble Bee PL
Sheep Dog PL
Tennis Racquet PP
Goofy Gymnastics PP
Pluto's Heart Throb PL
Pluto and the Gopher MN, PL
Wonder Dog PL
Primitive Pluto PL
Puss-Café PL
Pests of the West PL
Food for Feudin' PL
Camp Dog PL
Lion Around DD
Crazy Over Daisy MM (cammeo), MN (cammeo), PP (cammeo), DD
Trailer Horn DD
Hook, Lion and Sinker DD
Bee at the Beach DD
Out on a Limb DD
Motor Mania PP
Hold That Pose PP
Lion Down PP
Home Made Home PP
Cold War PP
Tomorrow We Diet PP
Get Rich Quick PP
Fathers Are People PP
No Smoking PP
Cold Storage PL
Dude Duck DD
Corn Chips DD
Test Pilot Donald DD
Lucky Number DD
Out of Scale DD
Bee on Guard DD
Plutopia MM, PL
R'coon Dawg MM, PL
Cold Turkey PL
Father's Lion PP
Hello Aloha PP
Man's Best Friend PP
Two-Gun Goofy PP
Teachers Are People PP
Two Weeks' Vacations PP
How to Be a Detective PP
Donald Applecore DD
Let's Stick Together DD
Uncle Donald's Ants DD
Trick or Treat DD
Pluto's Party MM, PL
Pluto's Christmas Tree MM, MN, PL, DD, PP
Father's Day Off PP
For Whom the Bulls Toil PP
Father's Week End PP
How to Dance PP
How to Sleep PP
Don's Fountain of Youth DD
The New Neighbor DD
Rugged Bear DD
Working for Peanuts DD
Canvas Back Duck DD
The Simple Things MM, PL
Spare the Rod DD
Donald's Diary DD
Dragon Around DD
Grin and Bear It DD
Grand Canyonscope DD
Flying Squirrel DD
No Hunting DD
Bearly Asleep DD
Beezy Bear DD
Up a Tree DD
Lake Titicaca DD; corto estratto da "Saludos Amigos", 1943
Blame it on the Samba DD; corto estratto da "Melody Time", 1948
Chips Ahoy DD
How to Have an Accident in the Home DD
Donald in Mathmagic LandPaperino nel mondo della matemagicaDD
How to Have an Accident at Work DD
The Coyote's Lament PL
Aquamania PP
Steel and America DD; commerciale
Freewayphobia n. 1 PP
Goofy's Freeway Trouble PP
Donald's Fire Survival Plane DD
Scrooge McDuck and Money ZP
Mickey's Christmas Carol MM, MN, PP, DD, ZP
The Prince and the PauperIl principe e il poveroMM, PL, PP, DD
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