Marvel Treasury Edition - Marvel Special Edition

edizione USA


Marvel Comics Group, 575 Madison Avenue, Nw York, USA
publisher (dir.): Stan Lee
albo gigante cm 25,3x33,7 96/80 pp 4+4 + cop 4+1 dq USD 1.50


Marvel Comics Group, 575 Madison Avenue, Nw York, USA
publisher (dir.): Stan Lee
albo gigante cm 25,3x33,7 96/80 pp 4+4 + cop 4+1 dq USD 1.00 1.50
numeri pubblicati
11974Giant Superhero Holiday Grab-Bagristampe  
11976Captain America's Bicentennial Battlesinedito (ts/ds: Jack Kirby, ink: Barry Windsor-Smith, Herb Trimpe, John Verpoorten, John Romita sr., Dan Adkins, Frank Giacoia)  
11974The Spectacular Spider-Manristampe  
21974The Fabulous Fantastic Fourristampe  
31974The Mighty Thorristampe  
41975Conan the Barbarianristampe
51975The Hulk on the Rampage!ristampe  
61975Doctor Strangeristampe  
71975The Mighty Avengersristampe
81975Giant Superhero Holiday Grab-Bagristampe  
91976Giant Superhero Team-Upristampe  
101976The Mighty Thorristampe  
111976The Fabulous Fantastic Fourristampe  
121976Howard the Duckristampe + inedito "Five Villains in Search of a Plot!" (ts: Steve Gerber, ds: Sal Buscema, Klaus Janson)  
131976Giant Superhero Holiday Grab-Bagristampe + inediti (ts: Roger Stern, ds: George Tuska, Don Perlin)  
141977The Sensational Spider-Manristampe  
151977Conan the Barbarianristampe  
161978The Defendersristampe  
171978The Incredible Hulkristampe  
181978The Astonishing Spider-Manristampe  
191978Conan the Barbarianristampe  
201979The Rampaging Hulkristampe  
211979Fantastic Fourristampe  
221979The Sensational Spider-Manristampe  
231979Conan the Barbarianristampe + prima storia a striscia sindacata  
241979The Rampaging Hulkristampe + inedito Hercules (ts: Jo Duffy, ds: Ricardo Villamonte)  
251980Spider-Man vs the Hulk & the Winter Olympicsinedito (ts: Mark Gruenwald, Steven Grant, Bill Mantlo, ds: Herb Trimpe, Bruce Patterson)  
261980The Rampaging Hulkristampe + inedito Wolverine e Hercules (ts: Jo Duffy, ds: Ken Landgraf, George Pérez)  
271980The Sensational Spider-Manristampe + inedito Angel (ts: Scott Edelman, ds: Brent Anderson, Bob McLeod)  
281981Superman and Spider-Maninedito (seguito di "Superman vs the Amazing Spider-Man")  
11975The Spectacular Spider-Manristampe  
11977Star Warsristampa Star Wars 1 a 3
21977Star Warsristampa Star Wars 4 a 6
31978Star Warsristampa Star Wars 1 a 6  
31978Close Encounters of the Third Kindristampa (Marvel Comics Super Special n.3)
21980The Empire Strikes Backristampa Star Wars 39 a 44  
altri albi giganti
-1975MGM's Marvelous Wizard of Ozprima coedizione Marvel e DC Comics (dal film MGM; autori: Roy Thomas, John Buscema, Tony DeZuniga)  
-1975Marvel Treasury of Ozda "The Marvelous Land of Oz" (autori: Roy Thomas, Alfredo Alcala)  
-1975Special Collector's Edition #1
"Savage Fists of Kung Fu"
-1976Superman vs the Amazing Spider-Manprimo cross-over tra personaggi DC e Marvel (ts: Gerry Conway, ds: Ross Andru, Dick Giordano)  
-19762001: A Space Odysseydal film di Stanley Kubrick (ts/ds: Jack Kirby)  
-1977The Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera n.1
"The Flintstones Christmas Party"
inedito (ts: Mark Evanier, ds: Kay Wright, Scott Shaw)  
-1977The Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera n.2
"Yogi Bear's Easter Parade"
-1978The Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera n.3
-1978Marvel Super Special #8da Battlestar Galactica (di Roger McKenzie e Ernie Colón)  
-1979Buck Rogers Giant Movie EditionOriginally published by Western Publishing, second printing published by Marvel  
-1980G.I. Joe Special Treasury Editionristampa del primo numero di G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero  
-1982Annie Treasury Editiondal film (autori: Tom De Falco, Win Mortimer, Vince Colletta)  
-1983Smurfs Treasurycon i Puffi